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Tom has managed to inherit a most unusual houseguest. Not a doting relative or an old friend but a stranger who claims to be Mark Twain himself—a man who looks and acts the part, down to his dry wit, dramatic panache, and authentic period clothes. One whom Tom knows by the name “Earl”…for reasons he’ll get into later. As the two men get to know each other over the course of eye-opening conversations and humorous insights about the world, an unexpected friendship emerges—while Tom struggles to discover the origins of the mysterious guest once and for all. But when the truth gets a little too close for comfort, Tom must decide whether he wants to keep up the relentless search for the man’s real identity…or simply relax and enjoy the (supposed) presence of one of history’s greatest literary icons.

About Tom

tomTom Lambert is a semi-retired cabinetmaker and father of three grown sons. From the time his seventh grade English teacher told him he had “potential” he has maintained a fascination with creative writing, most notably Mark Twain. Living with Earl is Lambert’s debut novel, in which he places himself side by side with Twain (or a dedicated impersonator) so they can play pool, laugh together, and occasionally grumble about the declining state of the world. He is in the process of writing a sequel, and another book about the charm of working ‘retail’. Lambert currently lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, with his wife, Beth, a lovable dog, three “rescue”cats, and a modest mortgage.

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